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Wood Tack Trunks 

We have been handcrafting wood tack trunks in the USA for over 30 years using the finest craftsmanship, wood and brass hardware. A trusted brand known for exceptional quality and durability. Get organized in style and customize your trunk to fit your needs and style. You can protect your tack trunk with one of our fleece tack trunk covers. 

Design your custom Tack Trunk.......


1. Pick the Style

                                                                  2. Pick the Wood Finish

                                                                  3. Pick your Hardware Finish

                                                                  4. Pick your Options

                                                                  5. Pick your Trunk Cover

Anatomy of HFP Deluxe Trunk.jpg
Anatomy of HFP Cover.jpg
Customize your Wood Tack Trunk
Select Trunk
Trunk Sizes.jpg
Select Finish
painter icon.png
Select Hardware
Trunk Hardware.jpg
Brass Handles.jpg
Select Options
Trunk Hardware.jpg
Wood Options.jpg
Black Trunk open .jpg
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