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Vinyl Tack Trunks

Horse Fare's vinyl products are constructed using custom vinyl panels applied to Horse Fare's quality handcrafted wood products using the same methods for a lasting construction and long lasting finish. The pieces are then enhanced with quality trim and hardware such as stainless steel or solid brass trim, brass or chrome spring loaded handles, hydraulic lid stays and quality hinges and hasps. All of these trunks are proudly handcrafted in the USA. 
vinyl tack trunk
Choose an all vinyl trunk or a trunk with exposed wood trim. Wood trim may be finished in any of other wood stains or lacquered in a color to match the vinyl. All trunks include tray, tote, bottom runners, stained interiors, stainless steel or solid brass trim and brass or chrome hardware. 
2 Color Vinyl with standard border and standard 3 letter monogram and trim are standard. 
vinyl tack trunk
Vinyl Trunks with Wood Trim Trunks
A. 70660 Extra Large Vinyl Trunk 
Measures 27"H x 42"L x 26"W, 130 lbs
B. 70000 Large Vinyl Trunk 
Measures 25"H x 39"L x 24"W, 105 lbs
C. 70001 Medium Vinyl Trunk 
Measures 22"H x 36"L x 20"W, 85 lbs
All Vinyl with No Exposed Wood 
D. VV000 Large All Vinyl Trunk 
Measures 24"H x 37.5"L x 22.75"W, 105 lbs
E. VV001 Medium All Vinyl Trunk 
Measures 22.5"H x 34.75"L x 18.75"W, 85 lbs
vinyl tack trunk
Vinyl Color Options
Wood Trim Options
wood tack trunk colors

Choose your Stain: 

Old World Walnut (Dark Walnut)

Natural Cherry (Natural Medium Cherry) Special Walnut (Similar to Medium Oak) Cordovan (Dark Cherry Brown)

Cinnamon (Almost Natural)

Mahogany (Rusty Brown).                                            

Not shown: No Finish- Clear Lacquer Only, Unfinished or Black 

Vinyl Bridle Racks
Customize with stainless steel or brass trim, and two color vinyl panel. Choose bridle holders from our wide assortment of brackets and hooks. 8" High. 
A. 70408 Four Bridles, 38" Long
B. 70608 Six Bridles, 52" Long
C. 70808 Eight Bridles, 68" Long
vinyl bridle rack
Vinyl Tote
Pine wood with hardwood carry bar. Adjustable divider. 15" H x 15"L x 9.75"W. Shown in Cordovan Stain with black and white vinyl panels. Includes vinyl panel on two sides, trim and basic monogram on one side. 
A. 70006 Vinyl Tote
Vinyl Slant Box
Includes vinyl panels on front and sides and painted back, plus one border and basic three letter monogram. Stainless steel or brass trim. 19"H x 24"L x 13"D
A. 70005 Vinyl Slant Box
Vinyl Medicine Box
Available in domed or flat top style and vinyl covered or wood with either stainless steel or brass trim. Three interior shelves and hanging dees. Measures 29"H x 18"W x 10"D (Door is 11.5"W x 23"H). Vinyl price includes basic monogram, vinyl panels on front and sides and painted back. Shown in vinyl domed style. 
A. 70004D Vinyl Domed Top 
B. 78004D Wood/Trimmed 
C. 70004F Vinyl Flat Top
D. 78004F Wood/Trimmed Flat Top
vinyl tote
vinyl slant box
vinyl medicine box
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