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Trunk Options


BL-L Bandage Lid (Large and Extra Large Trunks)

BL- Bandage Lid (Small and Medium Trunks) 

11400 Carved Insert:  Add an extra finishing touch to our beautiful wood trunks with this new carved inset. May be added to any full size trunk and most specialty boxes.

11100- Trimmed with Brass or Stainless Steel

11200-3 Wheels, 3'' set of 4

11500 Trunk lid lined w/cork and 12 x12 mirror
11501 Cork lined lid
11502 Lid mirror, 12 x 12

11503 Dry Erase Lined Lid

11504 Lid Lined with 1/2 cork and 1/2 dry erase

11507 Lacquered Interior

10900 Cedar Bottom

Wood Tack Trunk Options

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