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50113-50110 Crop Racks

A. Crop Racks 50113-50110
Made of 3/4'' pine and available in any configuration of contoured slots. Shown in most commonly requested sizes. Racks are 6'' high. 3 crop rack is 10" in Lenth. Add 2" to length for each additional crop slot.


Shown above; top to bottom:
3 Crop OWW- Old World Dark Walnut (Photo with brass plate shown in special walnut)
4 Crop CH- Natural Cherry
5 Crop SpW-Special Walnut
6 Crop Cord- Cordovan
7 Crop Cinn- Cinnamon
8 Crop Mahog- Mahogany
9 Crop No Stain, Lacquer Only
10 Crop Unfinished


Stain swatch: Left to right (Old World, Cherry, Special Walnut, Cordovan, Cinnamon and Mahogany)

Whip Rack- Straight

SKU: 50113
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