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62001-62003 Trunk Covers


These are no ordinary tack trunk covers. They are constructed using the highest denier Cordura fabric and piping and are designed to last just as long as your tack trunk. They have a comfy heavy black inner fleece liner with a Quilted soft, padded top and padded flap handles so you can easily carry your trunk without taking off the cover. These are made in the USA and are machine washable. They can also be purchased with a zipper top which allows you to access the trunk while covered. Many color and color trim options are available. These are all made to order and designed to fit Horse Fare Products Tack Trunks.


Custom sizes are also available upon request. Add a monogram for personalization. 


62001 Large, Fits Trunk 25''H x 39''L x 24''W 
62002 Medium, Fits Trunk 22''H x 36''L x 20''W 
62003 Small, Fits Trunk 20''H x 32''L x 18''W
62020 Small Box Covers

62010 Monogram
62011 Piping
62012 Contrast Trim
62013 Zipper Top

Premium Tack Trunk Covers

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