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4011-  1" Wide Domestic Leathers


HFP leather stirrups are manufactured in USA. 1" Wide Domestic Leathers are made with premium domestic tanned stirrup butts. Leather is prestretched. Quality Stainless Steel hardware. Most lengths available in both 1-1/8" standard hole spacing as well as 1/2" hole spacing. Numbered holes. 

CH- Chestnut, DB- Dark Brown and OK- Oakbark: 48", 48"-1/2, 54", 54"-1/2, 60", 60"-1/2
BK- Black: 48"-1/2, 54"-1/2, 60"-1/2

1/2 next to length indicates 1/2" holes

Special order sizes not listed.

Stirrup Leather- 1" Wide Domestic

SKU: 4011
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